1. This is the kind of guy who could legitimately drink out of a “worlds coolest dad” mug.

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  3. Evan Stone to Headline “Comedy Gang Bang”

    Tarzana, Calif.—Evan Stone is one of the most awarded and recognizable male performers in the adult industry. The multiple award winner has taken home the coveted Male Performer of the Year title from AVN twice along with five wins for Best Actor, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011. Known for more than a decade as a versatile performer, director, and character actor, Stone is finally taking it to the stage as the headliner of his first stand up comedy show this Thursday, April 24th.

    Stone’s comedy routine is based on his experiences as a performer in the adult industry. He is currently the subject of a comedic documentary about the same.

    Said one of the documentary’s producers: “Our first day of filming was a series of back-to-back interviews with performers, producers, and directors in the adult industry. We wanted to get their views on male talent—and more importantly, on Evan—so we could start shaping the story. One of the questions we asked was, ‘What do you think Evan would have done for a living if he hadn’t found porn?’. More than half of them said ‘Comedian’. The rest said ‘Used car salesman’. It seemed rather natural that we would dig more deeply into that.”

    The Comedy show is called “Comedy Gang Bang” and will be hosted at Paladino’s Bar in Tarzana. Doors open at 7 pm. Three opening acts from rising mainstream comedians Joe Kwaczala, Chris Stephens, and Joe McAdam are scheduled. The first act starts at 9 pm. There is no cover charge and a live DJ will be playing before and after the show. The entire show will be filmed for use in the ongoing documentary surrounding Evan.

    “Come out Thursday night! Bring your girlfriend. And her girlfriends. And neighbors. Bring your boss. And your mom. Maybe not your mom. Unless she’s hot. You can bring her if she’s hot. You know what? Definitely bring your mom.”

    Paladino’s was recently named one of Thrillist.com’s best San Fernando Valley bars. Known best as the dumpy metal bar that the Foo Fighters Play surprise shows at, it is located in a small strip mall. The address is 6101 Reseda Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91335

    For press inquiries email jackwagnerfilm@gmail.com


  4. Comedy Gang Bang

    Hi all!

    Evan Stone rocks. I don’t need to go into why because you know who he is and have probably at least already been hugged by him, or worse. Which is why we’ve been producing a documentary on him that follows a mockumentary type ridiculousness with the exception that it is all real. We began with a number of interviews designed to capture the general sense of who Evan is according to fellow performers/producers/directors, then put a camera on the man at the AVN awards show this past year, and now are hosting a comedy night that is legitimately interesting. We will be filming. Evan’s comedy routine will be the headlining act and we have three lovely comedians opening for him.

    Comedian bios:

    Joe Kwaczala is a Los Angeles-based comedian from Chicago who has written for The OnionNews Network and opened for stand-ups like Aziz Ansari, Joel McHale, and Nick Kroll. He also hosts The Late Live Show, a critically-acclaimed and very fun late-night talk show that’s been featured in Maxim, Splitsider, and The Huffington Post. When Joe was a boy, he stuck a Nerd up his nose thinking it would come out the other nostril. It did not.

    Chris Stephens performed his unique brand of stand up at many notable venues including Zanies, The Lincoln Lodge, and the Lakeshore Theater. Chris is also a writer for The Late Live Show, a live late-night talk show that performs to sold out crowds across the country. He is perhaps best known for playing the character of Rocky in the Rocky movies.

    Joe McAdam for last four years has been performing on, and writing for the late night talk show, The Late Live Show. His background in stand up, sketch and video production have gotten him recognition in numerous comedy festivals including Just For Laughs Chicago.

    Following the show will be music and Evan likely offering unsolicited slightly sexualizing hugs. There is no cover and there is a bar, because—get this—it is at a bar.

    Please come out and support Evan (and this industry—if you don’t show up then you obviously hate Evan and also porn and probably baby animals—no pressure) this Thursday, April 24th at Paladino’s Club. The address is 6101 Reseda Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91335.

    Also please forward this to anyone and everyone you know who likes fun, and then ditch the people in your life who don’t.

    Thanks for listening! (and seriously please come out this Thursday)


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  6. chuckdugong asked: what is your opinion on genderqueer, bigender and androgyny.

    It’s the same opinion I hold for males and females, which is that it’s not my business to even have an opinion on it. People are what they are, in this respect. I also hold no opinion on people’s shoe sizes ever since I found out that it doesn’t correlate strongly with penis size. It may seem like I’ve wandered off topic, but let me bring it back around: gender and shoe size are two rather uncontrollable factors among a litany of others that for the most part really don’t contribute one way or another towards the overall quality of a person.

  7. And why not.

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