1. They brushed my hair for my @stripLV shoot, and then did more stuff to it. I am now presentable.

  2. Well this is very backlit, but I like it because it happened yesterday.

  3. Regular fist. Porn fist. Now you know.

  4. I want 5 of the one on the left and 6 of the one on the right. To go, please.

  5. corgisandboobs:

    I love horror movies and I don’t like either of these franchises. Come at me.

    I feel like @manuelferrara is behind this somehow

    (Source: bloodinmybeard)

  6. On the set of @getsexxxtonight, where this award has been presented to me for most masturbation references in 30 seconds.

  7. This is coming to an Internet retailer near you.


  8. diefilmpflaume said: So here's a question that occurred to me recently, pretty simple: Would you consider porn as art? I'd love to see that answered by someone as talented as you in both, art and porn equally. ;-) Greetings from a German fanboy of your written work!

    I think some porn is art. But I also think some art is not art. And also that art is subjective. Which is why all porn must be classified as art. Because otherwise it will start falling down the slippery legislative slope and straight out of existence. Must mostly, porn is just porn.

  9. Naked Sunday morning