1. On the set of @getsexxxtonight, where this award has been presented to me for most masturbation references in 30 seconds.

  2. This is coming to an Internet retailer near you.


  3. diefilmpflaume said: So here's a question that occurred to me recently, pretty simple: Would you consider porn as art? I'd love to see that answered by someone as talented as you in both, art and porn equally. ;-) Greetings from a German fanboy of your written work!

    I think some porn is art. But I also think some art is not art. And also that art is subjective. Which is why all porn must be classified as art. Because otherwise it will start falling down the slippery legislative slope and straight out of existence. Must mostly, porn is just porn.

  4. Naked Sunday morning

  6. nsfwforsure:

    Coming soon “Misha Cross: Wide Open" starring Misha Cross, Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara.

    This is big time coming soon.


  7. ffvii-zero-vash-gow said: Sorry to go completely pervy on you. But your spinning video brought a question to mind. And if you are uncomfortable by all means I'm sorry. But I had to ask. How long are your nipples? And lastly. Thank you either way.

    Is it a thing to keep stats on one’s nipple measurements? Because I don’t. I am a sloppy, errant, ignorant human and I have no knowledge of my nipple length. My guess would be venti.

  8. The melting pot of America.

  9. Well this is a shot from the set that is being posted on www.clubkayden.com tomorrow, in case you didn’t have anything to do on Monday


  10. A lovely thing indeed.