1. chuckdugong asked: what is your opinion on genderqueer, bigender and androgyny.

    It’s the same opinion I hold for males and females, which is that it’s not my business to even have an opinion on it. People are what they are, in this respect. I also hold no opinion on people’s shoe sizes ever since I found out that it doesn’t correlate strongly with penis size. It may seem like I’ve wandered off topic, but let me bring it back around: gender and shoe size are two rather uncontrollable factors among a litany of others that for the most part really don’t contribute one way or another towards the overall quality of a person.

  2. And why not.

  3. Hey @manuelferrara you won this and I accepted it for you. Its the closest I ever get to winning awards.

  4. Tried to do a self shot set for my website on an exercise ball. Problem is my arms aren’t long enough to fit everything. So it came out like this. So, needless to say, it will not be going on my website. But I still would encourage you to join www.clubkayden.com because it seemed like a natural place to work that in. Thanks!

  5. Just hanging out with @manuelferrara


  6. My signing schedule at Exxxotica this weekend

    Looks like this:

    Friday: 7pm-11pm
    Saturday: 3pm-8pm

    See you there. Unless you’re not coming. But you should.

  7. Good morning. And listerine.

  8. corgisandboobs:



    Make sure to use protection if you’re gonna do it.

    This is the most horrifying thing I’ve seen in a while

    This is from The Naked Gun. It’s less horrifying than O.J. Simpson being in it.

    Fucking condom laws.


  9. I’m pretty sure the people who know me casually think I only own about 3 pieces of clothing. The joke is on them, though, because I have doubles and triples of all of these pieces. So that’s like, almost 9.

  10. I also own them in pink.