1. ffvii-zero-vash-gow said: Sorry to go completely pervy on you. But your spinning video brought a question to mind. And if you are uncomfortable by all means I'm sorry. But I had to ask. How long are your nipples? And lastly. Thank you either way.

    Is it a thing to keep stats on one’s nipple measurements? Because I don’t. I am a sloppy, errant, ignorant human and I have no knowledge of my nipple length. My guess would be venti.

  2. The melting pot of America.

  3. Well this is a shot from the set that is being posted on www.clubkayden.com tomorrow, in case you didn’t have anything to do on Monday


  4. A lovely thing indeed.

  5. Look what I can do (because I’m bored)

  6. Can we start a movement called “book selfies”? (Tagline narcissism with thought)

  7. One of us dressed up for this.


  8. marinolungo said: I want to have sex online


  9. We finally finished decorating the master bedroom. This is my secret domestic side for which I am momentarily prideful.


  10. Glorious downtown Los Angeles

    Me (seeing packets of hair bands): how much are these?
    Sales lady: 3 for $5
    Me: how much for just one?
    Sales lady: $1
    Me: ….then how much for five?
    Sales lady: *head explodes*