1. I’m pretty sure the people who know me casually think I only own about 3 pieces of clothing. The joke is on them, though, because I have doubles and triples of all of these pieces. So that’s like, almost 9.

  2. I also own them in pink.

  3. I am wearing this. It’s for a shoot that is porn-y but not porn. First day back! Feels like hell on my feet. The patriarchy thought of high heels. It is holding us down. Fashionable foot-binding if you ask me.
    I kid.

  4. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this guy and I thought he was just standing there staring at me for the longest time…

  5. theparisreview:

    What if The Road, The Corrections, and Wonder Boys were children’s books? (The illustration of Alfred Lambert falling from the cruise ship is especially well done.)

    For more of this morning’s roundup, click here.

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

  6. This is how I’d make porn if I were in charge. Incidentally, the shot was accidental. Maybe that’s what I’m referring to. If I were in charge, it would be by accident.

  7. This isn’t even an Instagram finish this is just how photos look when you leave them in a drawer for too long. I was 12. That’s my mom. Hi mom.


  8. My tumblr turned 3 today.

    It expects birthday gifts and excessive praise.


  9. tjmoose-themooseisloose asked: Your recent post on the DFW Bio has me asking the question what is on your reading list lately?

    I’m re-reading slaughterhouse five. I find I like all of these books better when they’re not assigned high school reading.


  10. jsellers72 asked: In almost all fiction where someone lives forever, they tend to always be wealthy and have almost unlimited resources. Why is this? Aren't they having to change ID’s every 20-40 years and start over? It’s not like they can retire and collect social security. Plus they would have to cut ties with their old lives and lose those connections so they would be unable to carry those to a new life. Sadly I've probably spent more time on this question than any other in my life. Can you help?

    I disagree that they would have to give up the wealth they’ve amassed if ever they change identities, to start. Plus you’re leaving out the part where living for millennia would probably make one pretty savvy/street smart. Just sitting on a piece or two of real estate alone for more than a generation would do wonders for one’s financial state. And don’t forget the antique and dead artist market. If you’re going to live forever you might as well just amass a lot of goods and art and put it in the days’ equivalent of a storage unit. You’ll do just fine.