1. Can we start a movement called “book selfies”? (Tagline narcissism with thought)

  2. One of us dressed up for this.


  3. marinolungo said: I want to have sex online


  4. We finally finished decorating the master bedroom. This is my secret domestic side for which I am momentarily prideful.


  5. Glorious downtown Los Angeles

    Me (seeing packets of hair bands): how much are these?
    Sales lady: 3 for $5
    Me: how much for just one?
    Sales lady: $1
    Me: ….then how much for five?
    Sales lady: *head explodes*

  6. Wisdom.


  7. bigt21383 said: Hottest thing since sliced bread ;) I should definitely get one of your fleshlights!

    Yes. Yes you should. I will help you find the way http://t.co/F5OafX0f

  8. This is from a set I shot for my website last night. That’s clubkayden.com, guys.

  9. Deep dish pizza: a photo journal

  10. This is my butt. It will be accompanying me on today’s signing for @exxxotica Chicago from 8:30-midnight tonight. I hope to see you there.