1. Last night @manuelferrara took me out in public


  2. "They’ll micromanage every iota of pleasure-option so that not even the dreadful corrosive action of your adult consciousness and agency and dread can fuck up your fun."
    — David Foster Wallace
  3. I’m partial to my profile from the left side. The right side will do, but it’s definitely no left side.


  4. It’s my vagina.

    One of my favorite new things to read on twitter are leading questions demanding that I supply an answer for why I worked on camera with some races and not others. Statement/accusations/questions like these are chock full of dumb assumptions, chief among them being that I have to answer to anyone when it comes to my sexual choices, on camera or off, with other willing adult partners. But since this is such a hot topic for people who are not in any way a part of my sex life, and, strangely enough, people I’ve never even met, I would just like to lend the suggestion that the strangers in question do a little better with their research. I have worked with black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Eurasian, Cuban, East Indian, American Indian, middle eastern, race unknown/Hispanic, race-unknown/non-Hispanic, other/non-Hispanic, other/Hispanic, and decline to state. Some of these people had vaginas and some had penises. I did list these races off of a census list, so I would like to also add the disclaimer that there are likely races I may have missed, and this does not mean I didn’t work with a person of the race in question, but merely that I had a faulty census list. And furthermore, to the particular stranger who really just loves to try to jam me into a corner with third degree questions re: my past sexual partners, and, as it follows, my obvious discrimination against every single person in the world who I have not, as yet, fucked—I would like to suggest he kindly fuck off.

  5. The moment of truth

  6. Good morning

  7. I feel like all you have to do to appear slightly villainous is draw one eyebrow higher than the other.

  8. Testament to my intelligence: That last tweet was supposed to accompany the picture of me needing desperately to brush my hair.


  9. Just used the ATM at Chase bank, where the screen invited me to join them in celebrating LGBT Pride month, tag line ‘just be you’. Meanwhile, chase bank is actively seeking out and closing the bank accounts of those working in the adult industry. And also, meanwhile, chase bank is really just a giant institution whose purpose is in no way connected to sex or the finicky-subjective-hazy moral regulation of such, and I’m finding it strange that the financial institution is trying to attract media attention surrounding its various feelings about sex. Because its just fucking sex and who cares what you feel about it one way or another if its not your sex.

  10. Look! I remembered to put boobs in.